Petit Gastronomie, Cider, Wine and Tapas


Definition of a tapa: a small portion of food that is usually taken as an accompaniment to a drink.

Enjoy the finest selection of Galician wines and exquisite Estrada cider made from local, organically farmed apples.

We recommend several routes, sorted by areas and the various shops and sights on the way:

Circuit 1 – Alameda park area and market square

Cafés and restaurants of renowned fame, the finest tapas.

Circuit 2 – Town centre and wine area

Wine cellars and taverns with a fun atmosphere for all ages.

Circuit 3 – Avenida Benito Vigo, Avenida Pontevedra and Avenida de Santiago…

Traditionally acclaimed as the area for bars, restaurants, char broilers and beer houses in A Estrada


Contests and events related to tapas are regularly held in this area, such as Santa Tapa (Easter), Tapéalle Cogomelos (Autumn mushrooms), Tapas do Salmon (during the Salmon Festival), outdoor Tapa sessions in the wine area …