Gastronomical Feasts


Salmon Feast

It takes place in the village of A Estrada. Its first edition was celebrated in A Estrada in 1974. It has got its own day marked in the calendar as it is always the third weekend in May. The Popular tasting is the main event of the feast. On Sunday morning, between 12:00 and 15:00, anyone coming to the village can taste it for a cheap symbolic price a ticket. A great number of dishes are on display so that people can choose and taste. Associations, bakeries and restaurants are the main collaborators that every year present innovative delicatessen elaborated with salmon as their main ingredient.

On Sunday morning MTB in the Salmon Route.

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The Cider Festival

The apple and cider production in the municipality of A Estrada goes back to the Middle Ages.

The Cider Festival is not only attended by the local producers, but also by other producers from the rest of Galicia, Asturias, Zamora, Cantabria, Basque Country and other European countries.

Couso Feast of the Boops Boops

It takes place on the first Sunday of August at the Couto de Xirimbao (Xirimbao restricted fishing area) in the parish of Couso. The day starts with the first round of the fishing contest in which there are two categories: adults and children. With what is caught a free tasting is celebrated, being cooked in various ways.

Loimil Feast of the Ram on the Skewer

A gastronomical feast in which ram on the skewer is cooked has been being celebrated in the parish of Loimil, near A Estrada, on the last Sunday of May. Since very early in the morning embers are prepared where the open rams ready to be roasted are placed. In the menu are also included a starter such as Galician pie, dessert, coffee and drinks. The price is about twenty-five euros.

Tripe Stew Festival

It takes place onDecember in the parish of Matalobos. In the evening music and dance. The price is about ten euros.