Rapa das Bestas (Cutting of the Manes)


With almost five centuries of history behind it, this festival has been declared as an international tourist venue. The Rapa das Bestas de Sabucedo is the true expression of joint identity and group determination. The process starts early on the hillsides with the search for wild horses, which are then herded together and led down to the village by both locals and visitors helping each other in the task.

The most spectacular part of the festival is the corral where the Aloitadores (mane cutters) and horses confront each other in a melée of technique and force.

The Fiesta is held on the first weekend of July.

More information: http://www.rapadasbestas.es/

More activities during the year:

– Local ethnology and culture comprising five mills and a saw. Vesacarballa e Serra do Mestre

– Hiking and mountain biking in ruta Rapa das Bestas

– Hiking for groups. More information: +34 986 570 165

Sabucedo tourist horse shelter

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