Monte Cabalar, the Sabucedo hills, Cávado and Monte Xesteiras


These are the foremost hills in the Estrada landscape. As human settlements since pre-historic times, they preserve remains of several megalithic necropolises and one of the oldest castros in Galicia. Today, these hills are used for livestock grazing and are home to herds of wild horses, like those that feature in the famed Rapa das Bestas.

By following the Rapa das Bestas route, visitors can roam, in one go or in different stages, through the mountains and hillsides of Cabalar, Cávado and Sabucedo.

Discover Monte Xesteiras by taking Trekking Route PR-G 136 As Canteiras da Pedra Mona. Highlights include spectacular views of the Arousa estuary and the inlands of the province of Pontevedra.

The Monte Cabalar co-operative is a combined venture of over a 1000 small land-owners to exploit forestry and grazing in the hills. The various routes take you through sites full of Galician breed horses, cows, goats, etc…

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Monte Cabalar

Montes de Sabucedo e Cávado

Monte Xesteiras