A very important part of the council of A Estrada is located within the Natura 2000 network, the ecological network of areas for the conservation of biodiversity in the European Union.
Stands out the fluvial system formed by the Ulla and its tributaries and the damp spaces of the Lagoa Sacra (Sacred Lagoon) and Brañas de Xestoso (Xestoso Bogs).


Lagoa-Sacra-enOlives Sacred Lagoon and Xestoso Bogs are wetlands protected of mountain.


Monte-Cabalar-enThese are the foremost hills in the Estrada landscape.


Curantes-WaterfallsThe river Curantes, tributary of the river Liñares, forms a beautiful natural spot where we can find two waterfalls.


Singular-TreesThe oldest cork oak in Galicia and the most representative camellia of the specie in Europe are in A Estrada.


San-Miguel-de-Castro-enLocated near the Way of St. James, in the parish of San Miguel de Castro.


O-Areal-enO Areal is a performative area in the Ulla river.


Sinde-Preserve-Recreational-AreaSinde is the restricted fishing area nearer the sea so it is the salmon first stop.


Xirimbao-enThe Couso or Xirimbao estate is a traditional spot for salmon fishing. It has a wide waterfall and suspension bridge.


Ximonde-enXimonde is one of the most important salmon preserves in Galicia. Every year in May, the International Salmon Fishing Competition is carried out in Ximonde.